What People Say About You & Why it Matters

We all have a deep need to connect and share value with other people. The more we grow and expand our business, however, we begin the excitement of a growing a larger enterprise and also run the danger of the slippery slope of increased distance between ourselves and our customers.

Personal branding, while an obvious choice for speakers, authors, and consultants can be elusive to corporations… but not impossible. 

People buy from people, not from brands. Your story, your message, and your mission is best delivered by a human being.

Even McDonalds uses a clown.

Building a Brand that is Respected, Personal, & Likeable Requires Strategy. 

What’s Yours?

  • When was the last time you look forward to calling a customer service line?
  • Have you ever sang the praises of an annual report?
  • Who was the last person; waiter, sales rep, or vendor, who really stood out and impressed you?

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Social media allows us great opportunities to connect with others. It creates the context for democratizing influence, giving voice to individuals on a mass basis. It’s exciting just to consider the good that can be accomplished as various (and yes, opposing) political and other viewpoints can be communicated intelligently, respectfully, and persuasively, and without the

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3 Digital Growth  Strategies That Create More Revenue

Understanding how to use a personal brand within a large organization may seem counter intuitive. However, when combined with aligned digital channels to position your business solutions, a unique synergy is not only possible, but can accelerate growth in many areas. This synergy can create better brand awareness and convert causal observes into engaged customers. At the top of the list; it can develop measurable new revenue.

This complimentary guide will give you 3 modern growth strategies that teach businesses how to harness the power of the Internet, its billions of users, and align your story in a uniquely compelling manner. In the next 4 minutes, you can create a path to potential new customers and increase revenue using this complimentary guide.